Nekton’s Journey - Global Game Jam 2017

Ryan Dallaire

Nekton’s Journey - Global Game Jam 2017

Theme was “waves”.

Nekton’s Journey is an underwater exploration game. Using sonar, you explore an underwater world looking for crystals that give you power.

Credits: Evan Kawa, Ryan Dallaire, Stephen Ma, Owen Mcmanus, Alex Madsen.

The original idea we were doing was called “First Person Shouter”. You were exploring an underwater world and using your voice to send out sonar pings. The color and speed of your ping was based on volume and pitch for your shout. We had the beginning s of the sound detection stuff working, but decided the game would be more fun with simple controls.

A group of musicians teamed up to provide audio assets for many of the teams in Calgary. Our music tracks were made by them.

Ryan Dallaire Feb 04 2017